What is Stewardship?

Simply, Stewardship is about putting God First in our lives. Recognizing all that we are and all that we have is made possible through God's love for us. We are His creation. We are His children. With our free will, we can choose to show God our love for and trust in Him by giving back of our time, talent and treasure in love of others as well as ourselves.

Stewardship is about putting God First in our lives. of Ministry fulfills our need to return to God our time, talents, skills, abilities, and resources.  Through a commitment and follow through, we build up God’s Kingdom in our midst and help realize the vision and mission of our parish. St. Aloysius Catholic Church supports 120+ active ministries.  Some are appointed by the pastor and all are under the umbrella of one of six Commissions:

Administration, Community Life,

Education, Spiritual Growth,

Social Responsibility and

Spiritual Growth.

A ministry appreciation event,
hosted by the church staff, is given
to ministry volunteers at the end
​of each stewardship year.