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The Child Care Center and School are precious ministries intended to support families in their effort to care for and educate children in the Catholic tradition for a life of meaning and purpose. 

Confident that meaning and purpose comes through a friendship with Jesus and the understanding each of us is a child of God, these ministries attempt to provide a safe environment, offer opportunities for a strong moral foundation,  deliver an exceptional educational experience and develop God-given talents.

In 1986, St. Aloysius Parish established the Child Care Center to support families raising young children. Since its humble beginnings, children from the parish and surrounding community have come through the program and recognize the Center for its love and shown through the love and sacrifice of its teachers.

The "Big School," as it is affectionately known, opened its doors in 1956 and became a National Blue Ribbon award winner in 2015.  St. Aloysius School provides its students with great potential because of the caring and dedicated administrators, teachers and support staff.  All rooted in faith.

Parishioner, parent and grandparent volunteers give countless hours of their time to support everyone involved in these ministries.  And each year, thousands of dollars from Offertory collections are dedicated in the church budget to the Child Care Center and School to support families in need of financial support.

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