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Stewardship through Ministry fulfills our need to return to God our time, talents, skills, abilities, and resources.  Through a ministry commitment and follow-through, we build God’s Kingdom and help realize the vision and mission of our parish.  

The Congregation of St. Aloysius Catholic Church encourages its parishioners to pray and reflect on their ability to serve.  Ministries are categorized into: Worship, Spiritual Growth, Education, Social Responsibility, Administration and Community Life.

Did you know? 

  • St. Aloysius has more than 110 active ministries, the most of any parish in the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

  • An appreciation event, hosted by the church staff, is given to ministry volunteers at the end ​of each stewardship year.

  • Being child protection certified is required of any volunteer supervising a group of children or vulnerable adults

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