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The pastor is the leader and spiritual father of the parish.  He administers Sacraments and through the Holy Eucharist brings Jesus to parishioners and people of the community.  The pastor oversees and is supported by the parish, all its ministries including the School and Child Care Center, campus facilities and office & pastoral staff. 

Two advisory Councils made up of parishioners are in place to help guide St. Aloysius and the pastor:

Pastoral Council: Parish ministries fit within an umbrella of one of six commissions: Worship, Spiritual Growth, Social Responsibility, Education, Administration and Community Life. Commission representatives meet nine times throughout the year just prior to Pastoral Council to discuss ministry needs and activities.  Two representatives from each Commission, along with a parish staff member, make up Pastoral Council.  Pastoral Council members serve a three-year term as they focus on guiding the movement of the Body of Christ in the parish.


Administration: Renee Graff & Patrick Downs

Community Life: Ernie Spreen & Kelli Troutman

Education: Stephanie Politz & Stephanie Crews

Social Responsibility: Dan Holliday & Mary Kathryn Gastinel

Spiritual Growth: Josh Reed & Erin Walker

Worship: Jeb Broyles & Evelyn Greenwood

Finance Council: Members are appointed, serve indefinite terms and meet nine times throughout the year.  

Finance Council is an appointed parish ministry and, along with Pastoral Council, is one of the two councils mandated by the Diocese for each church parish.  The role of the Finance Council is to review the monthly financial statements of the Church, School and Child Care Center; to help make financial decisions related to significant parish business such as the Master Plan, any active Capital Campaigns and general facility maintenance and repairs.

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