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Coming in February 2022:

Throughout our lives we confront countless obstacles that aggravate us, discourage us, and damage our relationships with Christ and one another. Finding time to address them is often overshadowed by the hectic pace of everyday demands. How can we slow down, identify the struggles, and open our hearts to God’s gracious direction?

“Engaging the Struggles of Your Heart,” part of the Ascension Press “Walking Toward Eternity” series, is a challenging study that will open our eyes to stumbling-blocks in our Christian path, such as disordered desires, shame, envy, anger, fear, loneliness, and hopelessness. Through listening to one another and opening our hearts to the healing grace of the Holy Spirit, we will begin to engage these struggles in a positive way and continue toward our goal of union with Christ.

Each session in the 8-week series will involve prayer, conversation, and a video presentation that includes teaching and testimony by Catholics who have struggled with the various obstacles we will consider.

Sessions include:

  • Living on Purpose

  • Engaging Your Appetites

  • Engaging Your Shame

  • Engaging Your Envy

  • Engaging Your Anger

  • Engaging Your Fear

  • Engaging Your Loneliness

  • Engaging Your Hopelessness

Study groups are being organized to meet both online and in-person for this eight-week study. 

Contact Mark Christian for more information.

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