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The Parishioner Columbarium Survey remains open

Please click the button below to view and complete the survey.

Columbarium Committee - Recent Timeline

February 2024

The Diocese of Baton Rouge grants permission to Fr. Randy to proceed.  The Columbarium continues its ongoing efforts.

January 2024

Fr. Randy requested formal approval to the Diocese of Baton Rouge to proceed with the development of the Columbarium project.

October and November 2023

Columbarium Committee received tremendous support through the parishioner columbarium survey. In the first three days, 300 responses were received and 400 total with 121 of responders requesting more information if/when the project would receive approval.

July 2023

Diocese of Baton Rouge requested additional documents and clarifications including parishioner support of the project.


  • Columbarium Committee meetings

  • Niche pricing guidance from the parish's Finance Council to Fr. Randy

  • Legal counsel

  • Considerations of the parish's master plan

  • Considerations for the location on campus

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