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Message from Bishop Duca, May 11, 2020 on the topics of Mass Obligation, Celebrating the Eucharist, Reconciliation and other Sacraments.

Pastor's COVID-19 Update on Monday, May 11, 2020 @ 9:30 PM

Dear friends,


By now you’ve probably seen or read the Governor’s announcement about Louisiana’s entry this coming weekend into the Phase 1 loosening of restrictions during this still very active coronavirus pandemic. On the homepage of the website of the Diocese of Baton Rouge is posted Bishop Duca’s “Statement on Re-Opening Churches for Congregational Worship.”


In his statement, Bishop Duca continues to dispense all Catholics in the diocese from their Sunday obligation indefinitely, and in doing so, especially urges everyone over 65 or with health conditions making them immuno-compromised and at higher risk of contracting coronavirus to stay at home and continue making Acts of Spiritual Communion.


Initially, St. Aloysius will resume our regular schedule of public Masses with our WEEKDAY MASSES beginning on MONDAY MORNING, MAY 18, 2020, AT 6:00 A.M. ALL MASSES WILL BE ONLY IN THE MAIN CHURCH. We plan to resume our regular schedule of Sunday Masses on the weekend of May 23 – 24, 2020.


Our regular scheduled CONFESSIONS will also begin on Monday morning, May 18, 2020. NOTE: During the Phase 1 Re-Opening, our church “CRY ROOM” has been re-configured as a RECONCILIATION room for the times of scheduled confessions, in which the social distancing precautions can be safely observed for both penitent and confessor.


As you’ve maybe observed in the information already published at other parishes, no two parishes are alike in how and when they are re-opening, as all the details to be considered vary in complexity with each parish. My first priority in implementing a re-opening process at St. Aloysius is the health, safety, and well-being of all our parishioners. I assure you that none of my decisions are being made ‘in a vacuum.’ I’m writing this having just concluded a 1 ½ hour conference call meeting with our Parish Pastoral Council.


‘Stay tuned’ in the next day or so for a very detailed message about our re-opening process.


Yours in our Good Shepherd,

Father Randy


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