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The motto of Stephen Ministry is Christ Caring for People Through People. The Stephen Minister’s role is to bring God’s love into the lives of people who are going through a difficult time or experiencing a crisis. Stephen Ministers listen, support, encourage and pray with and for a person who is hurting. It is in the midst of this confidential, one-to-one, caring relationship, that God’s healing love comes pouring through.

If you or a parishioner you know is facing a crisis—large or small—and could benefit from the caring presence of a Stephen Minister, please contact the ministry leader, Ann McCrory: or

Are you reliable?  Do you have a desire to love your neighbor?  Lay persons can become trained through a program that provides one-on-one care to individuals facing a variety of crises or life challenges, such as hospitalization, chronic illness, job loss, grief, divorce, cancer, financial difficulties or other life struggles. Persons interested in this ministry receive training once a week for approximately three months before being assigned to a care receiver.

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