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To volunteer in parish ministries, you must first:

  1. COMPLETE and SAVE the EAPPS Application for Volunteers
    The information provided on this form will be entered into the Diocesan Child Protection database.

  2. COMPLETE the Safe and Sacred Training: Serving Vulnerable Populations | Accepting the Diocesan Code of Ethics and SAVE the certificate provided upon completion.

  3. SUBMIT the application and certificate to our Child Protection Coordinator, Madeline Laperouse,

If you plan to volunteer at both the church and school, you must fulfill the background check and fingerprint requirements of the school.

The Safe and Sacred Training

Safe and Sacred: Serving Vulnerable Populations is a video presentation designed to help persons identify, prevent and report child abuse.  It is offered by the Diocese of Baton Rouge as part of the ongoing commitment of the Catholic Church to employees and volunteers who are responsible for ministry to vulnerable populations.

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